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The Druk Neykor or Bhutan Pilgrimage is a packaged nationwide pilgrimage tourism product. Druk Neykor is a unique tourism product that aspires to promote the pilgrims, enhance the visitor experience, contribute to the spreading of tourism across the country and promote cultural conservation for sustainable tourism.

The main objectives for developing Druk Neykor are as following:

  • 1. Increase the repetition of inbound tourists;
  • 2. Promote domestic tourism(pilgrimage tourism);
  • 3. Spread of tourism in the less visited area/regions.

How to participate in Druk Neykor?

The locals can participate in Druk Neykor on their own arrangement or with tour operators but the tourists can participate only through a local tour operator. However, both the locals and tourists can still visit these sites without participating in the Druk Neykor. An important element of Druk Neykor package is the use of the Druk Neykor Stamp Book (DNSB).

DNSB contains the pictures of designated sites under the Druk Neykor and space to get the seal stamp of that specific site as proof and reward of the visit. The DNSB can turn into a collectible souvenir. DNSB will be available for sale in the designated outlets.

The visitor with this Druk Neykor stamp book will get the official stamp at the sites during their visit to those listed in the Druk Neykor Stamp Book(DNSB).

The detailed information for each site can be retrieved on this website by Dzongkhag or searching by site name. Each site’s information page includes site name, opening time, entrance fee, location, access map, characteristics, contact number and so on.

Where to buy a Druk Neykor Stamp Book (DNSB)/Pilgrimage Stamp Book

Druk Neykor Stamp book can be purchased from retailers in Bhutan from the following retail shops:

  • 1. Pe Khang Enterprises, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Mobile: +97517112999/17601888
  • Email: pekhang@druknet.bt
  • 2. DSB Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Mobile: +97517155999
  • Email: dsb.bhutan@gmail.com

Retailers those who need more stock of the Druk Neykor Stamp Book can contact the Innovation and Strategy Division (ISD), Department of Tourism(DOT) at +975 02334593 or email: isd@moice.gov.bt

Search for Druk Neykor Sites

Let us assist you in finding the Druk Neykor sites you are interested in.

Please click the Dzongkhag where you will visit on the map of Bhutan